Important informations ONLY for the participants of the 16th Salsa Diabólica Summer Camp 2019!

Please check this site for the latest informations as many times you can! Latest update: 016/12/2019 10:00

18/08/2019: if you arrive in the evening or morning please go to your hotel’s reception ask your room. You shuld get the camp’s wristbend! You can go to lessons, the colored wristbend will be given by your teacher!

New schedule with Yanek Revilla vailable here (updated 19.08/2019 07:00am)!

23rd of August: Salsa party with live music ! MAI RUMBA cuban band concert in the salsa camp!

Oarty and the concert starts as usually 22.00pm. It is 3 x 45 minutes with breaks (DJ’s playing between the parts)
A short film about the band: click here!
It is absolutly free for the Salsa Diabolica summer camp’s participant!

Shcedule available! You can plan your classes in the camp!
Kizomba and Bachata party: we going to have 3 parties in the Hotel Europa’s bar from 22:00 to 02:00 with Pavel! Parallel with the salsa party on thursday, friday, and saturday evening!
Warning: If you go out, on the Petőfi sétány (wich is the most visited place on Siófok) please keep your eyes on your values (mobile phones, money ect.). In this time there will be so much crowed night and day! And too much people in one pleace can be a good chance for excample the thiefs! In the hotel area it is no problem, the whole area is reserved for Salsa Diabólica, no one else can come in.

The Salsa Diabólica SHOP: you can buy Salsa Diabólca merchandise products (T-shirts, trousers. etc.) every day afternoon from 14.45 untilll 17.15. in front of the 800m2 dance floor!


The date of the camp is: 18-25 08.2019 (Sunday to Sunday)

Location of the camp: Hotel Hungária and Hotel Európa (8600 Siófok, Petőfi sétány13-15.) ( )
Further place:Hotel Lido ( )

Which ever hotel You shall stay, You can move in only from 14.00 pm as earliest.
Those arriving on the 17th can move in only at 14.00 pm as well!
Though there shall be a so called ”hot” move in-out /this time we do not mean the 35C temperature, but as the hotel shall have full house of departure and arrival at the same time) it may happen, that completing the cleaning of certain rooms may happen be later.So, as in case not everybody arrives at 14.00 sharp or before, we shall highly appreciate to be patient and wait for available your rooms at the strand.

In case You suppose to arrive on the 18th, but later any reason, Your room shall be at Your disposal any time (even at 00.01 am next morning if necessary)

Departure: On the 25th You have to leave Your room till 10.00 am before new guests shall arrive!!!

for Hotel Europa and Hotel Hungaria guests:
Breakfast in Hotel Europa 07:30-10:00
Lunch in Hotel Europa 12:30-15:00 (Even if You are guest of Hotel Lido and had asked for lunch)
Diner in Hotel Europa 18:00-21:30

for Hotel Lido guests:
Breakfast in Hotel Lido 07:30-10:30
Lunch in Hotel Europa 12:30-15:00 (In case You did ask for)
Diner in Hotel Lido 18:00-20:00